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Besides routine bookkeeping, we help optometrists in London to create business strategies so that they can outreach their competitors. Contact us immediately.


Sight is one of the most treasured senses so the importance of making sure people keep their sight is an important job. If you are a locum optician or own an opticians store you will be required to submit self-assessments and possibly submit company accounts.

We can help opticians of all classes, from the newly qualified optician who has just finished a pre-reg year to the store owner with the different requirements. To find out how we can help you, you are more than welcome to call, email or drop into the office for a chat.

Why Choose Us?

  • At Harley Street Accountants, we arrange your taxation as per your business needs. As a result, we will ensure to plan your business’ tax affairs, accounts and financial planning to maximise your cash flow.

  • We offer high quality services including submission of your self assessment tax return, book keeping, payroll, financial forecasts, business tax planning & strategy to optometrists.

  • Our tax accountants work for all types of ophthalmic professionals. From Optometrists/ Ophthalmic opticians to Locum opticians to Optical technicians, our accountants for optometrist are always available to help you.

  • Besides day-to-day management of your finances, our optometrist accountant also advises you on buying or selling your optical practice or assets helping you to make right decisions.

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Benefits of Hiring Our Optometrist Accountant

  • We will prepare your accounts in a fix time at competitive price structure

  • We understand VAT, partial exemption and fixed cost appointment

  • We will reduce your business tax liabilities

  • We will help with your financial planning to maximise your profits

  • We can undertake a confidential exercise of your business comparing your competitors’ business

Do you have any tax planning issues? Contact us today at 020 7060 9556 to hire our Accountants for Opticians!

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